Reducing Enterprise Risk through near Real-Time Cyber Data Aggregation and Arbitration

AnalytiX is an industry leading Cyber Risk Management platform that puts actionable insights into your hands in near real-time to understand your Cyber Risk posture. Make confident decisions driven by aggregated, arbitrated and accurate data in reports that you can easily understand.

Quality over Quantity

A single source of truth eliminates unnecessary noise and gives organizations what they need to make the best near real-time decisions.

Design Focused

Customizable dashboards allow organizations to decide which reporting factors are most important to them in their PowerBI or Tableau tools.


Aggregates asset discovery, VM, patching, and remediation data from tools like Qualys, Tanium, Crowdstrike, and ServiceNOW and then intersects them all via Machine Learning and industry logic to provide a unified Cyber Risk view.


Leverages modern technologies such as cloud data lakes, middleware orchestrations and API integrations, as well as data quality standards and compliance standards like NIST to align with the enterprise’s ecosystem and policies.


While applicable to all industries, AnalytiX is specifically designed for Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, and has recently been extended to support Healthcare.

How AnalytiX works

AnalytiX pulls in data from best of breed Cyber platforms including Qualys/Rapid7/Tenable for vulnerability management data, Tanium and Crowdstrike for Endpoint data, and ServiceNow for CMDB/ITAM data via the use of their APIs and orchestration built on years of experience with these technologies. We can also pull data from CSV files.

AnalytiX leverages your existing ESB, middleware, and workflow/orchestration tools like Apachi NiFi, Fuse ESB, or Mulesoft to easily schedule and manage the ingestion processes.

AnalytiX then ingests the data in a Big Data platform like Hive, Hadoop, Azure Analytics Services, or Snowflake where a common data model is built and our prebuilt and proprietary Cyber data curation and cleansing routines are run.

AnalytiX then uses those same Big Data tools to do the heavy data crunching for aggregations, rollups, and KPIs.

Finally, AnalytiX leverages your enterprise’s data visualization toolset (like PowerBI or Tableau) to present fast and beautiful security data at various levels of detail, from Executive level to detailed asset operational level.



Fuse all data sources into a near real-time data repository with a daily refresh rate.


Evaluate and segment vulnerabilities based on application, business unit, or whole organization.


Trace data and avoid human error to maximize accuracy in decision making.


Improve compliance rate and business operations with actionable insights.


Make rapid Cyber decisions based on visual KPIs.


AnalytiX is a proprietary product built by ImagineX Consulting.

We have leveraged our advisory and execution insights over the past 5 years in working with dozens of enterprises on their most pressing cyber initiatives to build a Cyber Risk product with plug & play technology options based on the prevalent tools in the market.

This allows AnalytiX to easily plug in to your technology environment but still act as a bespoke end to end Cyber visibility solution.

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